Owners : entrust your apartment to us

If you are an owner of a beautiful furnished apartment in Paris or Neuilly-sur-Seine and if you are infrequently occupying your residence, possibly you should consider renting it out for the time you are not there. Maximhome takes care of the whole proceeding of the rental booking.

Located in Paris, our real estate agency specializes in medium and long term furnished apartment rentals, exclusively in Paris and its closest suburbs. We rent your apartment(s) whenever you want to and for the time of your choice.

You can trust Maximhome : we actually become your tenant and your only interlocutor who manages the complete rental booking of your property :

- We make the rental contracts (between the owner & Maximhome)

- We are responsible for the payment (Maximhome pays the owner directly)

- We welcome the clients at their arrival

- We check the apartment with accuracy before the arrival and the last day of their stay.

- We require a deposit, for extra insurance.

- We are totally responsible for your furniture and the all property.

- We are responsible for the housekeeping, the maintenance, and several checking controls to maintain your property in the condition received.

Maximhome does not take any fees or any commissions on the rent from the owner, and further, the financing in term of rental furnished apartments is very attractive for the owner (the depreciation as a tax write-off, plus about 50% return on the annual revenue).

Also Maximhome is very flexible, if the owner wants resume their residence in their own apartment at any time they would like, they just need to give at least 15 days prior notice to the Maximhome team.